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A virtuous, responsible model

Sustainable development is more than a promise, it’s our business model

 Rapport RSE 2020

Découvrez la 2ème édition du Rapport RSE de GreenYellow !

GreenYellow RapportRSE 2020
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Ce rapport cristallise 14 ans d’engagements soutenus en faveur du développement durable.
Il met en lumière nos actions concrètes réalisées à travers le monde et évaluées par des indicateurs clairs.

Nous y présentons dans le détail l’expression des 4 piliers notre politique RSE :

 - Agir de façon responsable vis-à-vis de l’environnement
 - S’engager pour la prospérité de nos équipes
 - Établir des partenariats en toute transparence et en toute confiance
 - Soutenir les communautés locales et les institutions

Avec cette première édition, nous souhaitons instaurer un rendez-vous annuel avec l’ensemble de nos parties prenantes.

The energy transition is an unavoidable reality. There is an urgent need to act, but good intentions aren’t enough: Whatever is sustainable must also be profitable, which is why investments devoted to transforming a company’s energy model must earn a return.

With our technical and financial expertise, we assist each client in a realistic, effective, committed transition, so that it can focus on its development in confidence.

This is our mission.

“Avoiding wasted kWh while also producing local green energy: That’s our job. Our robust, virtuous economic model keeps us committed to our corporate responsibility on a daily basis, with the desire to share the value created with operators in the locations where we are present.”

Otmane Hajji, President of GreenYellow

Hunting down wasted kWh, producing solar power, funding sustainable investments: That’s GreenYellow’s job. And in addition to this fundamentally virtuous business model, we practice complete corporate responsibility with the desire to share the value created in the locations where we are present.

This is true in Madagascar, where we operate the largest solar plant in the Indian Ocean. By organizing educational tours, inviting local farmers to a "grass day” where they can use our land to feed their livestock, and collecting and redistributing clothing, shoes, and school supplies, we give back to the community. This is also the case in Brazil, the second country where GreenYellow set up shop, where we have partnered with PUR Project to reforest the banks of the São Francisco River near the Amazon.

Reducing carbon footprint: Statistics

  • 1,385,000 m²

    of photovoltaic panels installed

  • More than €77 million

    saved per year

  • 200,000 T.

    of CO2 avoided

  • 700 children

    taught about renewables and sustainable development


A committedcompany

  ISO 50001      ISO 9001 et 14001


*ISO 9001 et 14001 certifications: France solar photovoltaic activities