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Our priority

Make your energy transition a success

thanks to GreenYellow's financed offers

Our unique and global platform

to allow you to consume less and better, in the long term.
To achieve these results, we have developed a unique set of funded offers which can be combined or activated individually, with a visible impact on your energy bill as early as 12 months.

Shift Efficiency

Reduce your energy footprint and optimize your equipments
Energy Efficiency Agreement (EEA)
Cooling for food and industry
Lighting, air conditioning, automation

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Shift Production

Produce green, local & low-cost electricity
Ground-mount farm in a retention pond
Solar flotting power plant

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Shift Energy Services

Support your energy sourcing strategy
Energy purchasing
Contract optimization
Monitoring consumption

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Shift Mobility

Add new services to your sites in line with the acceleration of the electric vehicle sales market
Engineering, procurement and commissioning
Installation, supervision and maintenance of EV charging points

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Business cases

…to make your environmental transition a success

  • Industry
  • Food industry
  • Logistics
  • Non-food retail
  • Food retail
  • Government agencies
  • Others sectors

GreenYellow acts on the entire energy value chain for industrial firms by designing, financing, operating, and managing facilities while guaranteeing the savings they will achieve.

Reinforcing your competitiveness with increased energy savings and modern equipment, while supporting your move towards sustainability with less carbon emissions

As technical and financial experts, we assist each client in a realistic, committed energy transformation by getting Get value from the land you own and by consuming better and less.

As a partner of specialty stores and non-food retail, GreenYellow works alongside them to reduce their power usage and develops their contribution to renewables.

Present in the retail sector since 2007, GreenYellow provides food retailers with solar energy production, consumption reduction and energy monitoring solutions adapted to their utilities (cooling, lighting, HVAC) and to their multi-site locations.

Local governments and public authorities have the same challenges of reducing their energy bills and seeking to protect the environment. GreenYellow offers financed solutions to reduce their energy consumption and develop renewable energies throughout their territory.

Our modular, comprehensive solutions enable us to be an energy partner to private healthcare companies, service businesses, hotels, and transport infrastructure.

Positive carbon impact

Our energy efficiency actions
to avoid the emission of


tons of CO2

Our solar photovoltaic projects
target to avoid the emission of


tons of CO2


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Estimate your carbon savings

Estimate the carbon benefits of your solar photovoltaic project by completing the form below

My installation will provide me with a volume of electricity of MWh per year.
It will avoid the emission of about ton of carbon equivalent per year, which would be equivalent to planting tree.
This installation will have required the emission of ton of carbon equivalent, which is times less than the local electricity mix.
Do you want to know more about the details of your carbon saving potential?

This calculation is provided as an estimate and is not binding. For a personalized and detailed analysis of your project, contact our experts by clicking on the button above.