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Reduce your power consumption

Choose energy efficiency to consume less and better

GreenYellow will assist you in defining realistic energy savings targets over time. Our teams can target the most effective drivers of performance or retool your entire value chain through an Energy Efficiency Agreement (EEA).

  • Optimize all of your facilities: Lighting, cooling, utilities, heat recovery, etc.
  • Achieve your CSR goals Renovate your facilities without any investment
  • Control your consumption using the best digital tools
  • Get help from GreenAssist service and our dedicated Energy Managers

GreenYellow’s advantages

Guaranteed savings

for the entire period of the contract

$0 in investment

Your project is funded by energy savings

Multi-site specialist

We can work at multiple sites from construction to operation

No occupancy conflict

To reduce operational impact, we work while the site is active

GreenAssist service

A performance guarantee for the entire contractual period


Key steps of a project

A turnkey project from auditing and implementing the project to operating and monitoring it

  1. Detailed energy audit
  2. Installing smart solutions
  3. Operation by a dedicated GreenAssist team
  4. Constant monitoring and corrective actions

Key figures

2,500 EEAs

(Energy Efficiency Agreement)


in energy savings generated per year

+600 sites

certifiés ISO 50001



Going even further

Get ISO 50001 certification

What’s ISO 50001? It’s a voluntary approach aimed at improving a company’s or site’s energy performance with a goal of continual improvement.

  • Defining progress targets
  • Building the action plan
  • Assistance in the certification process
  • Monitoring the continual improvement goal and maintaining certification

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