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Produce green, local, low-cost electricity

Give value to your real estate assets with solar photovoltaic production and help decarbonize energy

GreenYellow, c’est un interlocuteur unique, expert du photovoltaïque, capable de mener un projet de A à Z. Nous concevons l’installation la mieux adaptée à vos besoins, puis nous prenons en charge le financement, la construction et l’exploitation dans la durée. 

  • Put space to good use: Parking lots, rooftops, retention ponds, undeveloped land, etc.
  • Produce low-cost, local green energy with solar photovoltaic
  • Cut your energy costs by up to 50%
  • Visibly express your environmental commitments
  • Create an additional source of revenue by leasing your assets



GreenYellow’s advantages

  • Recognized expertise

    Photovoltaic solar is our oldest business, since 2007

  • $0 in investment

    We can finance 100% of the equipment

  • No usage conflicts

    To reduce operational impacts when construction is ongoing, we work at active sites.
    We are a leader in PV plants at facilities open to the public*

  • More than 250 MWp

    of photovoltaic plants built and operational worldwide

Key steps of a project

  1. Preliminary studies
  2. Contract negotiation
  3. Design and construction
  4. Commissioning
  5. Plant operation

Going even further

Three key tasks to optimize the performance of your solar power plant

  • Monitoring to guarantee performance
  • Overseeing maintenance
  • Financial management