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The men and women of GreenYellow

Join a committed team

Working at GreenYellow means defending a conviction and committing to a realistic energy transition: We are actually lowering the carbon footprint of businesses and communities. It also means adopting an entrepreneurial, agile, collaborative mindset.

In three years, GreenYellow’s staff has tripled, our ambitions have expanded, but our desire remains the same: offering our teams a motivating, teaching framework, with fulfilling career paths. We don’t try to make their work meaningful: It already is. Our values are embodied in those who have joined us over the years, with all the diversity they bring to the table. Their commitment is also what has enabled us to carry out pro bono actions to benefit communities.

Our comprehensive approach to energy and our culture of innovation offer employees access to numerous opportunities. Growth opportunities are out there, both in France and abroad. Either in one of the many countries where we already have a presence, or the ones where we will in the future.


Key figures



15 countries

on four continents

Why they chose to join us, what drives them on a daily basis, the GreenYellow mindset... Our employees speak out.

Because GreenYellow’s agile, collaborative, entrepreneurial spirit could not exist without the men and women who make up its teams, our employees would like to say a few words about how they got here and what drives them.

Marion Baeckeroot

Caribbean & Guyana Regional Manager 

Geographical mobility: A real career booster

« Starting my career in Colombia at a global company based in France has been very instructive and personally enriching! I’ve developed a multicultural approach toward project management and overseeing employees, relying on and sharing best practices from both countries.
Since returning to France, I’ve kept up this sharing-focused approach and have close relationships that I built with my Colombian co-workers. GreenYellow’s worldwide internal network is clearly one of our strengths!” »

Charly Bourlet

EE and PV Work Manager

"Sustainable development is in GreenYellow’s DNA"

Jérôme Owczarczak

CEO in France in charge of PV and purchasing

GreenYellow has enabled me to mature over the past 10 years.

« GreenYellow gave me the chance to work in all of our energy-related areas of business, in France and abroad. Over the past 10 years, experience has made me an effective professional. I’ve launched and developed numerous projects in France, Colombia, and Africa.
After being project manager in the Operations Department, I now have the pleasure of managing both the photovoltaic solar business in France and the Purchasing division. »

Jackeline Aleksitch

Energy Efficiency Manager - International Coordination

Charting my own course and moving ahead thanks to GreenYellow’s many areas of business

"GreenYellow is a company that listens to its employees, which has allowed me to move between various business lines and regions.
The managers are attentive to their employees’ desire for career growth. People play an important role in the company’s strategy and their development is a strong motivator!
Having done marketing jobs in Brazil, my country of origin, and now being in charge of energy efficiency projects at International Coordination, has enabled me to better understand the renewable energy business and challenge myself on a daily basis. "

Jackeline Aleksitch



Raphaëlle Auffray de l’Etang

Raphaëlle Auffray de l’Etang

BtoC Financial and Administrative Manager

The OAC* cultivates GreenYellow’s entrepreneurial spirit

« The OAC gets employees together for moments of relaxation. By doing so, it helps feed GreenYellow’s entrepreneurial spirit: Employees get to meet up in a different kind of setting and mingle with co-workers whom they wouldn’t come across in their normal routine.
For me, being an OAC member means participating in corporate life in a new way, enjoying get-togethers and expanding your network. »

*OAC: GreenYellow’s Official Activities Committee in charge of organizing off-the-clock activities and events for employees.